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Demograpic Survey

October 5th, 2023

The Mt Lemmon Domestic Water Improvement District (MLDWID) sent out an email and/or
letter to all customers to fill out a 2023 Customer Demographics Survey.

This form has been sent to you to gather demographic information, as a customer of the Mt Lemmon Domestic Water Improvement District, or MLDWID. By voluntarily providing the requested information on the form, this will help MLDWID provide accurate information to grant funding agencies when applying for future grants.

Only fill out one form per water account. All information of renters must also be included.
Your email address will be automatically associated with the survey submission and you will also be asked to provide your preferred email address to have on file.

We are requesting that all MLDWID customers fill out and submit the survey by Friday, October 27th, 2023. For questions, email info@saguarograntservices.com. To learn more about how to locate your water account information, go to the following link:
https://www.mtlemmonwater.org/bill-payment and scroll down the page to locate “Billing
Account Example”.

Thank you for your continued support,
Nathan Davis
MLDWID Manager